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Britain and America – Riassunto

The system of mercantilism prevailed, in 1770, Navigation Acts said that all colonial trade had to be in British ships and that all colonial produce had to come to Britain, who then had trade monopoly.

Also the British government wanted the Americans to help pay for their defence and imposed taxes to collect some of this debt. The rebels believed that the taxes were unjust, as the colony had no political power, in famous the phrase: “No taxation without representation”. The Americans divided into Patriots, against British control, and Loyalists, who remained loyal to the Kingdom of Great Britain; the War of Independence, between Patriots and British army, began in 1775. To support Americans there was the France. On 4 July 1776 in Philadelphia the Congress signed the Declaration of Indipendence, written by Thomas Jeson. The colonies were a new nation. With the Treaty of Versailles in 1783 Britain recognized the independence of the colonies.

The new republic of United States of America adopted a federal constitution in 1787 and George Washingoton became the first President.

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