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Industrial and Agricultural Revolutions

At the end of 18th century began to change the methods of farming and of the manufacture, due to the scientific thinking applied to more situations and simulating inventions. Another contributor to change was a population increase, in 1700 the population of Britain was 8 milion, in 1800 it was 15 milion. The Agricultural revolution happened gradually. Animals now, were bred selectively therefore producing more meat, in this way the population was better fed.

In 1700 a few spinners could keep one weaver working and they could produce one bale of cloth, in 1785 one spinner thanks to “jenny” could keep one weaver working and could produce 50 more bales of cloth.

Thanks to the invention of the steam engine by James Scott changed not only the textile industry but also coal mining and production of iron. Coal, iron and steam could mechanise all other industries.

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