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The Glorious Revolution – Riassunto in inglese

James II succeeded Charles II on the throne. At first he was supported by the Tories, until he began to place Catholics in positions of authority in the army and university. In 1688 he became the father of a Catholic son and heir. James placed himself above the parliament so ...

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Plot of Robinson Crusoe – Letteratura Inglese

Robinson is the main character of the Defos’ novels, at the age of nineteen he decides to travel around the world and make his fortune. During one of his voyage, he shipwrecked on a desert island and, only survival, remains here for 28 years. He writes a diary where he ...

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Shall I compare thee – Parafrasi, analisi, commento

Parafrasi: Ti paragono a un giorno d’estate? Tu sei più incantevole e più mite. Violenti venti scuotono i cari germogli di maggio, E la durata dell’estate ha una scadenza troppo breve. A volte troppo caldo l’occhio del cielo splende, E spesso la sua dorata carnagione è oscurata; Ed ogni bellezza ...

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Britain and America – Riassunto

The system of mercantilism prevailed, in 1770, Navigation Acts said that all colonial trade had to be in British ships and that all colonial produce had to come to Britain, who then had trade monopoly. Also the British government wanted the Americans to help pay for their defence and imposed ...

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Riassunto the early Hanoverians

When Queen Anne died in 1714, was succeeded by George I, the first member of the Hanover family to sit on the throne of England. As he was German, he was unable to speak English and for this reason he left to his ministers the duty to handle everything in ...

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Uso del Present Perfect Continuous

Si usa il Present Perfect Continuous per esprimere un’azione che è appena terminata, che si è prolungata per un certo tempo e la cui conseguenza è evidente in questo momento. Esempio: I have been working very hard. I’m exhausted! Ho lavorato molto. Sono esausto! (Ho appena finito di lavorare e ...

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