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Plot of Macbeth – Trama di macbeth in Inglese

Plot Macbeth

The play opens with the news that the invasion by the Norwegians has failed thanks to Macbeth’s courage. While returning from the battle, Macbeth and his friend Banquo meet three witches who say that he will become King of Scotland. So he invites the king to his castle and Lady Macbeth carries out a plan to kill Duncan. Duncan in murdered and the blame is put on the King’s servants. Macbeth is now on the throne, but Macduff and Banquo suspect him. Macbeth does not fell safe, he decides to kill Banquo and his son Fleanche; but Fleance escapes and Banquo’s ghost haunts Macbeth. The final acts opens with the madness of Lady Macbeth. Meanwhile Malcom, Duncan’s son, is marching into Scotland with an army. The play ends with Macduffy carrying Macbeth’s head and proclaiming Malcom king of Scotland.

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