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Riassunto Tudor

Tudor:Henry Tudor defeated by Richard III in the Wars of the Roses and became King Henry VII in 1485. He was not a member of the royal family, so he needed to justify his new dynasty. Henry VII restored the reputation of the monarch as one who rules, not merely reigns. He was succeeded by his son, Henry VIII, in 1509. The first half of Henry’s reign was that of a typical Renaissance Prince presiding a cultured and splendid court. The second half was dominated by the Reformation. On he’s death in 1547, his son, Edward became King as Edward VI, and his uncle, Edward Seymour, became Lord Protector. His half-sister became queen as Mary I in 1553. Mary earned the nickname “bloody Mary” because of the number of Protestants that were burned for heresy during her reign. Elizabeth I succeeded her sister Mary in 1558 and became England’s most popular ruler. She was well educated and cultured and her court was more brilliant than her father’s.

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