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Plot of Hamlet – Trama di Amleto in Inglese

Hamlet is son of the King of Denmark, that has been dead only two months, and of queen Gertrude, married with Claudius, the new king. A ghost resembling the late king of Denmark, has appeared to the sentries at the castle of Elsinore, so Hamlet and his friend Horatio arrange to meet the ghost. He tells Hamlet he has murdered by Claudius who poured poison in his ear while he was sleeping and he ask to avenge him. After Polonius, the king’s counselor, thinks Hamlet’s madness is caused by his love for his daughter Ophelia. To find out more hides himself behind a curtain during an argument between Hamlet and his mother but is discovered and killed by Hamlet that wait also the right time for kill Claudius. Ophelia drowns herself for the death of the father and the reject of Hamlet, so her brother Laertes wants revenge in a duel with Hamlet. The final result of duel is the death of Leaters, Hamlet, Gertrude and Claudius.

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