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The Royal Society – Riassunto in Inglese

From the middle of the century onwards, a major current of thought called Natural philosophy, had started exploring the universe to explain its mysteries. England had a singular position in this field since the new rationalistic spirit and science were not seen as a challenge to religion, as in Europe, but rather as a means to a better understanding of the order and harmony of a God-created universe. The focal point of the development of the new philosophy was London, where in 1662 the Royal Society was founded with Charles II’s patronage. The motto of the Society, nullis in verba, was a direct challenge to the dependence of the old philosophy on authorities.

The Royal Society was founded in 1660 by Charles II. The Society’s aim was “to overcome the mysteries of all the work on Nature” and to apply that knowledge “for the benefit of human life”. The philosophical basis of the Royal Society differed from previous philosophies which established scientific truth based on deductive logic, in this years infact was applied the experimental method.

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